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Piotr Hummel was born in 1982 in Poland, Czestochowa. His adventure with music began at the age of 16,
becoming the first tunes of the border "rave" and "techno". At 17, he began his musical education on the drums.
In the years 1998 - 2012 he played in various musical groups. The alternative Elephant Stone / Lewe Lokcie recorded
a debut album called "Not much has changed."

Currently your time and energy is focused mainly on writing music for films entrusted to him.
He says his music is difficult to listen when you first contact the listener.

Some of my music for films. Cinematic feelings.

I work for the people and their visions

In my CV you will find videos mostly drama , human stories , internal tensions , the analysis of the characters. Music is subordinated to the color and the length of the movie scene . Builds tension , sometimes entertains and amuses . And sometimes crying. It is difficult to say that I write music. A better term would be the constructor of emotions . The film is emotion .

This does not mean that I only write serious music. : ) I write music for TV commercials for banks and other brands. Once I happened to write to the election campaign of a political group.

kompozytor muzyki filmowej
kompozytor muzyki filmowej
kompozytor muzyki filmowej
szukam kompozytora muzyki
szukam kompozytora muzyki
szukam kompozytora muzyki

Music written for the timelapse film "Warsaw 24h"

Music written for film "The Man Without Qualities"

kompozytor muzyki filmowej Piotr Hummel

Music License

To meet future colleagues and customers allowed to purchase a license to use my music in different projects around the film . I separated three options : profesional use , personal use and custom use .

I always write original music , strongly connected with what is happening on the screen . My actions always lead to full satisfaction of the customer.

Profesional use
Music for the use of any material of a commercial nature : advertising, television, trailers , films , games . Intended any .

Personal use
The license allows the use of music for private use (personal use) . The offer is addressed in particular for students of film schools.

Custom use

Mail me ; )

mobile: + 48 888 729 298